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Zukmo 2.18

by Zukmo

Zukmo enables users to easily build their free Personal Digital Library in the cloud in order to store, access and share all the digital content of multiple formats and languages from various sources in one central location

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Updated November 23, 2011

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Long Description

You will be able to add information from any content source (URLs, Bookmarks, Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Desktop/Offline Documents, Images, Video/Audio streams etc.) to Zukmo. Typically, Zukmo will crawl the URLs, index the content, simplify the rendition of content, and maintain a searchable digital memory for important information you consume. You can also access and consume the information you have added to Zukmo from any device anytime.

Works with:

  • Safari: 5 – 5



Support for this add-on is provided by the developer at or by sending an e-mail to


  • it crashed my browser

    by Amigo on March 13, 2012

  • Zukmo Simply Nice

    I am using zukmo add-on for past 4months.It is very easy to use with more options when compare to other bookmarks add-on's.

    by sara_sara on September 21, 2011

  • Amazing extension

    Awesome extension for bookmarking... it would be better if "import browser bookmarks" is present. nice work guys!

    by cooper18 on September 20, 2011

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Advanced Details

Developer Comments

Further, Zukmo supports multilingual content and lets you save and search for content in almost any language (UTF-8 encoded).

Version 2.18 — November 23, 2011 — 20 KB

Create a free Zukmo account( After you created an account, please install the latest Zukmo Safari addon in your Safari browser. After installing Zukmo Safari addon, right click on an link from any web page. In the right click context menu, you can see the option 'Add Links to Zukmo'. Just click that option to add the Url as Bookmark in your Zukmo account. You would get a message saying that the "Added!". You can login to Zukmo ( to check the added content to your Zukmo account and search on that.

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