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Rebellious Facebook

by Ananymania

This extension is a total makeover for Facebook that goes back to basics and simplicity! ... In a totaly new way! Check it out and see for yourself !!!

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Updated June 25, 2012

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Long Description

It cleans up the layout and removes all the unnessary nonsens in FB... The "timeline" is totally restyled and looks more like the "classic" FB, and has a very well functional left menu... Being "rebellious" is a bit like saying:

NO... I do not want your crappy nonsens updates, that just makes Facebook worse and worse... I want userfreindliness and simplicity!

Scalability, movable dialogs, a extra "real" forum-page are added, the "blackscreen" monotasking Snowlift (when showing pictures is removed) and instead the "classic" way of viewing pictures is used, linking through FB is removed and replaced by direct-linking instead, inactive users is removed from the chat, eyes in the FB-logo follows the cursor (is watching your every move... like FB), a background image is added... Rebellious is also slightly prepered for theaming... (might be added in next version) ... Hm... As you can see it changes quite alot... and there are even more!

But i try to keep things as simpel and clean as possible, so there will not be any complicated/language dependent settings... It should be easy to use in any language and all over the world!!! So... Just Click 'n go !!!

Works with:

  • Safari: 3 – 5


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Developer Comments

If this extension for some strange reason should stop working somehow... it is becurse Facebook keeps changing things in their nonsens-updates... The fault is propably not mine! So please report directly to me, if you should find anything wrong with this extension!

Version — June 25, 2012 — 192 KB

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