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Add-ons extend Safari, letting you personalize your browsing experience. Take a look around and make Safari your own.

Spell and Grammar checker by Ginger for Safari

by Ginger

Preview Image of Spell and Grammar checker by Ginger for Safari

Improve your English communication by using Ginger's Safari grammar and spelling checker!

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iUrl Tweeter

by iurl

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Shorten links with iURL and tweet them directly from your browser. No need to visit or a twitter app to tweet your short link. Optional to register for free at to track your links and even delete the ones you don't want.

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Safari Tidy plug-in

by Amigo

Preview Image of Safari Tidy plug-in

The Safari Tidy plugin is a small plugin that lets you validate the webpages you browse for (x)html compliance. The actual validation is done by Tidy and the W3C validator.

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