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PC/safari toolbar

by Steve Ridenour on December 6, 2009
I have a corrupt registry on my PC. This stops me from running Internet Explorer. I enjoy running Safari as my browser but I wish I had a toolbar. Can anyone suggest an alternative?

Developer Reply: Mac only

Reply by Amigo on December 6, 2009
Dear Steve,

This toolbar (as well as other add ons) works only with Mac OS.

by Susan on October 16, 2009
The functionality of the toolbar is severly limited by the inability to change the functions of each button, i.e. changing the mail button to yahoo mail, me mail, etc.

Organising buttons

by Kian on October 14, 2009
Want to add and remove buttons by myself.


by C.R. on October 14, 2009
For instance "forward" and "backward" arrows after a Google search would be really useful to have, as well as highlighting the words in the page, just like the Google toolbar in Windows.

The toolbar is nice

by Wild Rose on October 7, 2009
The toolbar is nice but a bit lacking in functionality as yet, I hope you enrich it a bit more.